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I Come to Fill, Heal, and Restore!

Kimberly Jones Chicago

The Moxie Shoppe recently had the chance to talk with Jenny Marie Christian, Miss Illinois Black Globe 2013, Miss United States Empire Empress 2014, and Ms. Chicago, IL 2016 (Miss Corp America). Among these titles, Jenny is also the CEO of the ever inspiring spirituality based website and blog Her power lies not only  in her light, but her ability to cultivate an online space, as well as personal relationships that builds and uplifts the human spirit. She shared with us her values, beliefs, wisdom, and of course her Moxie.  It is with great pleasure that we share them here with you.



What led to the creation of Fill.Heal.Restore?


Last year I was laid off from my job after 10 years. I decided I use this period to enjoy a break, my severance and pursue my passions. Within the weeks to follow I'd had two ear infections blocking hearing in both ears for months and developed a lump in the lower part of my stomach which turned out to be 3 fibroid tumors. While spending money on doctors and specialists, concerned about my hearing and health with no extra money coming in I had to give up my place and move back home. To say I felt defeated would be an understatement. I would cry and not leave the sofa for days. So I turned to the only person I'd been taught to go to in times of trouble, God. However the more I pushed to seek God. The more attacks came.



But I didn't allow the attacks to keep me from seeking God. The scripture John 10:10 would be a reoccurring thought. "The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy"... but I know God has all power and the final say. I know he'd never allow this pain without a purpose and through my experiences I vowed to use them to encourage others to always hope in God. He will "Fill" every void, "Heal" every hurt and "Restore" everything that you've lost. So I created 



How do you personally fill, heal, and restore yourself?


My personal method is through prayer, worship and pressing into the promises of God through his word. Through prayer I can talk to God and he'll be my refuge, my escape, my comforter and my savior. Through worship he always lifts my spirit by allowing his spirit to surround me and by reading his word I can always find a scripture relevant to encourage me every moment for any situation.  




Is happiness a choice?


I do believe happiness is a choice. I believe our quality of life is based heavily and solely upon many small choices with a huge impact, From diet to effect health, to choosing being positive or negative, optimism over pessimism, faith over fear and joy over sadness. I choose to seek the spiritual path in all things. So my happiness can rest in God and not the frivolous things of the world that can fade at anytime. 



Would you classify yourself as religious or spiritual, and is there a difference between the two?


I'm more of a spiritual being because I believe God is the most high divine spirit and his spirit lives in me. I connect to him, grow closer to him, evolve as a person through him, manifest his promises and my purpose to him in the spirit. I fight battles by faith in the spirit. Then the results are seen on earth. 

I think religions are just different avenues or paths people can use to find God and come together to experience him. Which can be a great foundation for getting to know God as long as you you don't become so consumed with the different rules or rituals than actually growing in God or allow it to become too "religious" to love all people if they live or believe something other than what you do. 




By definition moxie means force of character, energy, determination, nerve, or know how. With that being said, how or why do you have moxie? 


My moxie is more due to my faith and not my own ability. My faith has given me the confidence knowing that I can do all things through Christ, that I'm created for a divine purpose and that every challenge is preparing me to become a champion. My moxie is to motivate others that if I can make it. You can too and I'm going to help you. 


Model/Subject: Jenny Marie Christian

MUA: Traci Dani of Traci Dani Beauty Studio in Oak Park, IL

Photographer: Kimberly Jones for The Moxie Shoppe




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