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And You Wonder Why We Call You King

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Here at the Moxie Shoppe we call men Kings not as term of endearment, or because it is popular, instead it serves as a reminder. It is a reminder of not only power and presence but history and legacy too! We absolutely loved speaking with Personal trainer Marty McGee, of Bfit-fitness located in Oak Park, Illinois, as he gave his interpretaion on all things kingly!
What does it mean to be a king?
Being a king means you lead by example, you constantly try to improve yourself and try to do better. It means doing whatever it takes to take care of yourself and the people you love. A king has to know that mostly everything he needs can be found inside of himself and that he has the power to be anything he wants to be. 
What are the traits of a king? 
A king is strong, a protector, he has courage. He handles his business by any means, he knows when to be strict, but he also knows when to be nice. 
What inspires you to see yourself as king?
My son makes me feel like there is a need for me to show and prove every single day what a man, what a king, is suppose be. My grandfather taught me lessons that I did't realize until after he passed. He did everything with his heart in it and I find myself saying and doing stuff just like him. 
Is every man a king?
No! Some men don't even carry themselves as men so there is no way they should be considered a king. Kings aren't born. You become a King. Some men have to go through a struggle in order to learn and grow to become confident enough to give themselves the glory that they deserve. If you ask me, I think people who learn along the way end up a lot stronger than others. To be a king you have to want it!
What qualities must a queen have?
Strength and nourishment. She must be able to strengthen me when I am weak or hurt.
As a king what do you want your legacy to be?
I want people to know that I handled my damn business! Whatever I said, I did! 
Subject: Marty McGee | Photographer: Kimberly Jones|
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